Application Timeline


While everyone goes through the school search and application process in their own time and in their own way, below is a typical timeline for the school process. We tailor our services to match our clients’ unique goals and needs.

Spring -september


Starting the process:

  • We begin the school search process with an intake meeting involving both the student and parent/s to gather important background information, discuss the families goals, and get to know each other. At this point, we will describe the search and application process and answer any questions the family has.
  • Begin attending Open Houses. These will be held throughout the fall and into January.

How we can help: After an extensive interview with the you and your child to gather information about their academic profile, learning style, extracurricular interests, personal qualities, we will generate a list of schools that are the best match for your child so that your school search process can be efficient and productive.

october/ november

Visit campuses:

  • Start to tour and interview at schools.
  • Register for either the SSAT or the ISEE.
    • The ISEE is offered in November, December and January on several different dates each month.  
    • The SSAT is offered once a month, October through June.  

How we can help: Most children have never interviewed and this can be an intimidating experience. We help our clients prepare for the interview by letting them know what to expect, sharing with them age-appropriate interview strategies, conducting mock interviews, and following up with encouraging feedback that will make this a more comfortable and enjoyable experience. We follow up with each school after the interview to hear their impressions of your child.

We also offer Flex Test administrations of the SSAT for those students who perform better in a quieter, more comfortable setting.


Begin filling out the applications:

  • Finalize list of schools to which you plan to apply.
  • Give recommendation forms to teachers.
  • Give school report forms to the principal or appropriate person.
  • Ask coach, religious school teacher, or employer/supervisor for a recommendation if appropriate.
  • Begin filling out applications, write rough drafts of essays.

How we can help: The essays for school application are an opportunity for the student to help the admissions committee understand how they see the world and their role in it. Students can be overwhelmed by where to start and often miss the forest for the trees. By asking questions to guide and develop their thinking, we nurture the student’s inherent abilities as writers to craft an essay that, in their own voice and style, says exactly what they most want the admissions office to know about them.



Complete the application requirements:

  • Submit applications.
  • Set up a day to visit classes (if allowed).
  • File financial aid forms as appropriate.

How we can help: Awash in financial aid forms? We have a number of resources and people to refer you to who can guide you through this process.

Application review period:

  • You may be invited to spend a day in classes at the schools to which you applied to learn more about the school’s culture and curriculum. Otherwise, sit tight until March 10th.

How we can help: Throughout the process we serve as a liaison between the family and the schools. Count on us to follow up to make sure your application is complete and answer questions the admissions office my have about your child and his candidacy.


Make the final decision:

  • Decision letters will be sent or emailed so that they arrive on or around March 10th. Families have until April 10th to decide which school they want their child to attend.

How we can help: If you are unsure which of the schools to which your child has been accepted is the best choice, we will meet with your family to discuss your options, share with you our insights, help you to gather any specific information needed, and answer any questions you might have.